Navigating Business Conversations

Corporate Film / Video Production

At Image Farm, we begin every project by exploring the core of your business and brand. We carefully analyze your corporate objectives and brand narrative before transforming them into powerful video messages. Our successful track record is reinforced by this careful workflow, which is visible in how we develop connections with Fortune 500 companies, worldwide conglomerates, local and international SMEs, and SMIs. Our skills and knowledge ensure that your message is received well.

Tell Us Your Story

Documentary Production

Each tale stands out on its own in the world of storytelling, and our goal is to discover the unique stories of Asian communities and genuine people. We are committed to encouraging positive transformation through documentary films by giving people new perspectives. Our documentaries have continually elicited empathy and stirred emotions globally, whether for inspiration, education, or simple enjoyment. Our accomplishments include establishing cooperative co-production partnerships, receiving recognition on an international basis, and winning numerous prestigious prizes throughout the years.

Your Trustworthy Partner

Fixing Services & Production Support

When foreign production businesses arrive in Penang, Malaysia, they may rely on us to provide complete production and fixing services. We specialize in various projects, including magazine shoots, social media visuals, and corporate video productions. Our most recent successes include providing excellent support for major clients like TV Tokyo from Japan and Hearst Magazines (Elle x H&M) from the U.K. You may relax knowing that your production is in good hands with us.

Soar Above and Beyond!

Aerial Drone Services

Our expert drone pilots and camera operators are prepared to boost your visuals with a sharp eye for catching the exceptional from elevated angles. We provide amazing high-definition footage from the air that takes your film to new heights.

our workflow & facilities

We bring our clients through a step-by-step process that ensures a smooth and successful video production. Being aware and involved in each of the processes and our company practices help us accomplish your desired results effectively without interrupting the normal operations of your corporation. Each video production can be broken down into the following stages


We work closely with you during pre-production to understand your goals and needs to best define the project guidelines. You will get to work alongside our Producer, Scriptwriters, and Director to develop the video concept, script, and storyboard for the best video you need effectively. After making the necessary arrangements and revisions, your video is ready to be filmed!


Production is where the cameras, lights, and action calls come in! Our video production crew will now film the required content accordingly to the script. Our team usually includes a Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Grip, Drone Operator, and Production Assistants.


Your video is coming together now! Our team of Editors will now stitch, edit and craft a story with the filmed video content in our in-house post-production facilities. At this stage, your video will incorporate the necessary features – motion graphics, animated texts, voiceovers, background music, title pages, and color corrections.