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The cost of a video project depends largely on your video requirements. The length, type, scope of production, and number of deliverables required will all affect the production budget. The best way to get an accurate quote is to set up a meeting with us! A thorough discussion will allow us to best understand your needs and goals to tailor the best value video package.
Image Farm works on a one-on-one basis to meet individual customer needs. Considering the given budget, we will advise you on what we can do for you. Please get in touch for an accurate assessment. We will work within your budget.

You can count on our award-winning Producers and Director on this. Our video production company has a large range of resources that consist of an experienced team, talents, and filmmaking equipment, to ensure your video ideas are brought to life with premium qualities. We also utilise a range of professional broadcast and cinema cameras, lighting equipment, audio equipment as well as post-production facilities that is fully capable of executing a smooth video production experience with guaranteed consistency and reliability.

Yes, please contact us and we will recommend the best video package to make your video marketing campaign a success.

frequently asked questions


Our clientele includes local and international brands, with many needing us to travel outside of Malaysia. Our team is no stranger to being on the go with experience filming across Asia, the United States and even Middle East, Europe or Latin America. So, yes!

Yes, we are the appointed video production team for many major events in Malaysia and the region. We produce cinematic video for exclusive events with a crowd of hundreds of people to sports event of tens of thousands of participants. Our team of event videographers and editors are able to produce an impressive event videos on the same day to wow your audience. Just contact us and our producer will offer the best event video solution for you.

Of course. Our experienced crew and in-house filming equipment will be able to support your production needs at all times. Find out more information here.

Definitely! Videography is the preferred communication tool now; delivering your message most effectively using the least amount of time. However, it is perfectly common for clients to be unsure how to best utilise videography. This is where we come in! A consultation meeting is the best way for us to assess how we can contribute to your company needs. After getting a thorough understanding of your goals, we can then go back to the drawing board to tailor the best video solution for you.

Not necessarily. After compiling information about your requirements and brief, we will formulate a concept and write the script. However, we can also work to produce an exceptional video if you already have a script ready. Having a pre-made script can help you save on cost.

In our consultation meetings and recce, we will seek to understand your workflow then assess the best ways for us to execute our shoots. With adequate planning and your cooperation, there will be minimal interruption to your operations. Please get in touch with us to allow us to best assess how we can help you achieve your goals.

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frequently asked questions


Our team is equipped and experienced in the various form of content production, including photography. Please get in touch with us for more information regarding our professional photography services.

Yes. Please call us for a consultation for more information regarding specific video needs.